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Platforms for people with special needs and with reduced mobility I Automobile elevators

Lifts provide an essential means of comfortable and safe access to different floors in buildings. The installation of lifts in new or existing buildings has an increasingly important role to play in an aging society. It supports the social integration of people with special needs and offers freedom of access to people with reduced mobility. инвалиден асансьорнеобходими. А една от нашите мисии е те да се превърнат в задължителен атрибут, а не в изключение в градската инфраструктура.

We can offer subscription service on vertical and horizontal platforms for people with special needs. We offer comprehensive access solutions for people with reduced mobility. These types of lifts are particularly suited for mounting in existing buildings, even where space is limited.

We offer you maintenance of platform lifts, which are specially designed and tested against the toughest technical specifications and standards.
Our services meet the exceptional needs of the market. Client wishes can not often be met by conventional passenger lifts due to space constraints as well as the specific needs of users. We offer our experience, our ability to adapt quickly and our willingness to tackle new challenges.

Automobile elevators

автомобилен асансьорCar lifts are installed not only in luxury residential and commercial buildings but also in most residential complexes where parking space is limited. In the built-up urban environment, the lack of parking space is a common problem. Architects solve this problem with underground parking, but we all know how steep and inconvenient the ramp can be.

Some car lifts have a standard built-in security system that, when the power supply is dropped, moves the elevator car to a stop and opens the automatic doors. We can offer you a solution if your elevator doesn't have this option.

Don't wait, contact us now! We offer you more than a service, we offer you a good cooperation and a partner you can trust!

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