Elevator Service

асансьорен сервиз
Elevator maintenance in Sofia

Expert Lift offers elevator maintenance to its clients in Sofia. 

  • 24-hour team for rescuing people stuck in stalled elevators
  • Quick response to troubleshooting
  • Monthly functional inspections of the facilities, observing the requirements of the manufacturer and the legislation.

According to the regulations in Bulgaria, the maintenance and servicing of elevators are carried out only after the conclusion of a subscription service contract. This ensures the responsibility of the company that performs this service. 

We at Expert Lift are committed to the correct relationship between us and our clients. That's why we offer you services that comply with all regulatory requirements. In addition, we provide you with the quality of the services provided and competent solutions to the problems that have arisen. 

We continually improve our services because we listen to the suggestions given to us by our customers and thus we are able to offer exactly what they need.

Due to the experience and skills of our technicians, we often turn to people with unresolved problems concerning the elevator service. To turn to us we direct our current customers, satisfied with our services. Loyalty and willingness to work with our customers, we earn with much effort and diligence.

The trust they have in us, our clients recommending our services is the most valuable thing we have and we always try to justify it.

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