Elevator Maintenance


асансьорна поддръжкаElevatorswhether passenger, cargo, panoramic, kitchen or for cars require adequate lift maintenance and qualified lift technicians to carry it out. This is extremely important not only for the operation of the machines but also for the safety of the passengers.help



We offer:

  • Carry out functional checks in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements and regulations
  • Perform repairs quickly and correctly
  • Modernization
  • Preparatory and finishing work
  • Reconstruction and modernization of old not working elevators
  • Maintenance of dumbwaiters
  • Maintenance of car platforms
For elevator service maintenance see HERE
For elevator maintenance in housing estates see HERE

Our specialists have the highest qualifications for elevator installation and maintenance and a wealth of experience that allows us to carry out your projects professionally.

The correct maintenance of the elevator ensures that the system works in complete safety. From regular performance of functional checks and prevention to repairs and improvement of technical condition, you can rely on Expert Lift. We strive to continuously improve the services we offer, so we often update and supplement our portfolio with new offers for you. The lifts supported by us are varied and we take full account of the manufacturer's requirements and current legislation. 

When you trust Expert Lift for elevator maintenanceYou get more. For us, the relationship with customers and to built trust are the most important conditions. Your safety and confidence are our main concern. If you need better service and timely solutions to the problems, we are expecting you!


We offer our services for maintenance in all neighborhoods of Sofia.

For more information on our services and prices for elevators and lift maintenance, please contact us at 0899 99 54 75 or follow the links below:

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