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Експерт Лифт лого

Expert Lift

Асансьорен сервиз в гр. София

In order to improve the environment we all live in, we need to take action. This is exactly what we are doing at Expert Lift and we believe that the efforts we make in our work every day actually make a difference.
Lift maintenance is a different and very interesting craft as it covers electrical engineering, electronics, mechanics and many other diverse areas. Elevators are different and our technicians' knowledge and skills are also wide-ranging.

For us, every reconstruction of an old elevator or repairing of a broken one is a step on the way to a better future for all of us. That is why we are looking forward to meeting you!


We are experts in this field.
This is a very specialized industry that requires a vast amount of knowledge and experience to master. We spent a lot of time investing in the training of our teams to ensure the level of expertise you deserve.

Expert Lift Ltd. is focused on repair, reconstruction, maintenance of electric and hydraulic elevators, car platforms, escalators and others. Particular attention is paid to the accessible urban environment, which is why we employ qualified specialists in the installation and maintenance of platforms for people with special needs.

We provide the necessary safety and security for your elevator. So we care about the elevators in your housing estate or office, and you enjoy the smooth travel.


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Since we are committed to the trust we build between us and our customers, we present to you our Certificate issued by SAMTS / State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance /


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