Cabin doors

Automatic cabin doors

Cabin doors are installed to improve the safety of passengers during cabin travel.

When the elevator car is reconstructed, there are mounted AUTOMATIC CABIN DOORS, which are opened with the cabin operator together with the floor door. They can be several types:


bus doors

centrally opening

telescopic with centrally opening or one side opening

кабинна врата

You can benefit from the addition of a frequency controller to provide smooth opening and closing of the doors. This makes it easy to adjust the speed and time for which the door opens and closes.

When selecting cabin doors, it is necessary to comply with a number of circumstances, such as winch and its extra load, elevator car construction, counterweight structure, shaft dimensions, etc. We consult our clients about the technical condition of the elevator and the characteristics with which it is necessary to consider the choice of a cabin door and together we make a decision.

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