We offer our clients modernization of the elevators, where this is necessary due to the aging of the systems and/or the introduction of new requirements in the regulations.

In order to ensure a long life of your elevator, it is necessary to carry out all the necessary measures according to the requirements of its manufacturer and the Bulgarian legislation within the specified period and when it is necessary to modernize according to new technologies.

Here are some important elements that can be modernized:

  • The control board (normally located in the machine room of the elevator and if there is no machine room it is located on the top floor)
  • Winch - Winch is the heart-point of the elevator. Replacement of the winch will lower noise and vibration characteristics. Most importantly it will improve the safety of passengers.
  • Electrical wires, traveling cables
  • Door locking system or replacement with new cabin doors with car door operators
  • Elevator Cabin Control Panel and floor control panels
подемен механизъм за асансьор
Подемен механизъм TOP GEARS

Advantages of a new winch:

  • Increasing safety and security
  • Noise Reduction
  • Reducing electricity consumption

Advantages of a computer control board and a frequency inverter:

  • Fine tuning of start and stop
  • Ensures long engine life
  • Fine positioning of the elevator on the floors
  • Electrical efficiency through the reproduction of electricity back into the network
  • Braking resistor and overload
  • Моторна защита

Модернизация на асансьори
Cabin car

Modernization of the cabin:

  • Automatic cabin doors
  • Wall cladding with stainless steel, wood etc.,
  • Installation of a mirror and a railing
  • Installation of anti-slip flooring
  • Монтиране на естествен камък на пода
  • Мотиране на LED лампи за асансьорни кабини с аварийно осветление захранвано от устройство с автоматично управление, което при прекъсване на електрическото захранване е в състояние да захрани лампата

Reconstruction of the elevator can bring you the following benefits:

  • Повече сигурност и повишаване на нивото на безопасност
  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Намаляване на износването и амортизацията  на подемния механизъм
  • Noise Reduction
  • Improve appearance of the elevator car interior

Експерт Лифт е Ваш верен партньор по пътя към модернизиране на Вашия асансьор, ние сме насреща за консултация и сме горди от всяко успешно сътрудничество с клиенти като Вас.

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